„the archaeographic cycle“, negative-collages

archaeographic cycle archaeographic cycle
For the poetry book on greek mythology „Firniswasser – und Zeiten zu Schwärze geschliffen“ of Peter Grabowski, Joy developed a technique which reminds of an archaeological excavation. The negatives of the archaeographic cycle are arranged in several layers: prepared fragments of negatives, foil-copies of antique elements, scratching structures and ink drawings.
The positive print brings the different layers up to the surface like epoches of archaeological stratums and gives isolated informations to those who know how to read them.

The viewer is now left to himself to dissolve the component parts out of the whole composition to read them isolated and/or in context with the whole like an archaeologist reads the field.

„Firniswasser – und Zeiten zu Schwärze geschliffen“, 114 pages, 16 illustrations, LEO-Verlag, 1993