„Scheinsucher“, „Seekers of glory“

Every year, long before christmas, the holy consumerism takes over the public space. With „Scheinsucher“, 1994, Joy intended to use the stressed christmas shoppers as a projection screen for a series of scratched slides. Finally, no shop-owner wanted Joy to install his projectors in his display windows. So the series had to be presented as 30 x 40 cm Cibachromes in gallery spaces instead of an installation in public space.

Scheinsucher Scheinsucher Scheinsucher Scheinsucher Scheinsucher

„The consecrated night as a staged dream in a staged room. The ritual decoration of the fir-tree, for a common cause or secretly; candlelight, overheated rooms (today we should feel warm), childrens welcome. Well come ! Except: no welcome at wrong mooments. No disturb please, the illusion is fragile, no arguments today. Let´s hug and be kind to one another.“
excerpt from catalogue „A way of(f) photography“, 1996