Extended portraits – „a way of(f) photography“

catalogue "a way of(f) photography"

catalogue „a way of(f) photography“

Joy always was interested to cross the borders, to break the rules, developing new forms of artistic expression. He studied photography under Heinrich Riebesehl (1938 – 2010) and learned the whole spectrum of classic b/w fine-art photography. But beside the studies, Joy partly destroyed the negatives (mostly 4×5 inch large format) to add new layers of information to the image. He scratched the surface, added ink and other structures to the negatives, thus creating a new technique between photography and etching. Developing the large scale prints on photographic paper himself, he also experimented with different chemicals and exposure tricks.

Ulla Thomas Jörg

Within several series in black and white, he elaborated this technique and showed the works to an astonished photographic scene in Germany and India in 1996.