„a way of(f) photography“ in India

catalogue "a way of(f) photography"The wandering exhibition „a way of(f) photography“ showed three different series of Joy´s experimental and extended photography. Joy studied under the famous documentary photographer Heinrich Riebesehl, worked on documentaries for a long period of time and finally exhibited large format b/w prints at the BAUHAUS/Dessau. Now, this exhibition shows works only, that go beyond the scope of classic photography. Cibachromes of scratched slides as in „Scheinsucher“ (seekers of glory), fragmented and hand painted 4×5 inch negatives from the series of „Extended portraits“ and the multi-layer negative collages of „the archaeographiccycle“ on greek mythology. catalogue "a way of(f) photography"catalogue "a way of(f) photography" The exhibition was presented at the „Centre for Photography as an Art-form“ in Mumbai, the „MMB Photo Gallery“, New Delhi and „Max Mueller Bhavan“, Bengaluru in march, april and may 1996. An exhibition catalogue was published with support of the agency pool.communication and the Goethe-Institut.