„future-raft“, 2000, floating domes for world-fair

As an independent project during the world fair EXPO2000 in Germany, Joy realized a 70 square meter recycling raft, covered with two domes on the central Maschsee near the townhall of Hanover. Organized with the NGO Positive Nett-Works and his event agency pool.communication, Joy included environmental groups and social organizations, schools, international youth groups and volunteers from all over the world into the whole project process from the construction to the on-board program.

future-raft construction future-raft construction future-raft construction

This junkraft became a symbol for the needed global transformation process. It´s many events, global talks and jam-sessions were visited by locals and the guests from around the world. International delegations, ecologic and cultural organisations, innovators and entrepreneurs visited the floating structure, even Johan von Uexkuell, founder of the alternative nobel prize hold a interview session in this upcycled waste installation.

future-raft at world fair

future-raft at world fair

artist Joy Lohmann

artist Joy Lohmann

future-raft at night

future-raft at night

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