WeAreKhaled – Stencil for Egyt spring

The death of the egyptian student Khaled Saeed was the initial moment for a virtual solidarity movement, unique in history. The „we are khaled saeed“ movement went viral and connected millions of people via facebook and twitter. Together with the Berlin based online-mag Youth-Leader, Joy supported the case with „we are khaled saeed“ stencil-downloads, to help it into real-life on the streets.


WeAreKhaled-art WeAreKhaled-easy


SpreeTour Berlin, 2011

In 2011, we tested, how the public would react to our vision and visualization and toured through the german capital with the catamaran raft „Hermes-I“. It was great fun (including some unexpected adventures) and we met a lot of new friends!

Brandenburger Toron tour in Berlinfireshow at SpreeTourHermes-I on SpreeTourWe also performed a little bit in front of the Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor and ended up at the „Insel Berlin“ with a festival and pirates dinner 🙂