Get a subtropical open-island for 1,35 US $ (1,- €)

Do you want to co-own (share) a suptropical island? OPEN-ISLAND is an open-source project and collaborative adventure. NOW, we also make it a shareable PARADISE and invite you to benefit.

Joy presents certificate

Street artist Joy has created this limited edition of mixed media fine-art prints as open-island certificates.

You can get this island-share certificate easily by crowdfunding the construction materials via our current campaign: This certificate authenticates you as an official supporter of OPEN-ISLAND and you shall always be welcome aboard in Goa/India.

For a donation of 100,- € (135 US-$), you get an original, limited and signed certificate, handprinted by German StreetArtist Joy Lohmann.
For a contribution of 10,- € (13,5 US-$), you get this certificate as a signed postcard, sent with best wishes from India.
Any crowdfund-support will be rewarded with a digital certificate and further informations about asap-island and how to join online or on (any) location. (This can also be a brilliant Xmas gift…)

OPEN-ISLAND certificate

Limited mixed media print (40×28 cm, stencil & silkscreen) on upcycled skysail-cloth, 2013


„StadtFarben“, light-cube Installation für Hannover

Zum Jubiläum des hannoverschen „Freundeskreis Hannover e.V.“ visualisiert Joy die Highlights aus 25 erfolgreichen Jahren des vielseitigen Vereinslebens. „StadtFarben“ ist ein moderner Adventskalender im Inneren des hannoverschen Wahrzeichens Kröpcke-Uhr, der vom 1. bis 24.12. eine besondere StadtFarbe beleuchtet.

Angesichts der farblosen Jahreszeit wird das Herz der Stadt jedoch noch bis Ende Februar 2014 erleuchten.


Lichtinstallation von Joy Lohmann, Hannover 2013

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Freundeskreis Hannover e.V. Weiter so!