Joy´s CO-CKTAIL event, a glocal social sculpture. Cheers!

This glocal event is about (re)inventing cocktails with regional ingredients, sharing recipes, experiences, fun and surviving it 🙂 Simultaneously we will mix, chat and party worldwide on Saturday, 18.1.2014. „Co-cktails“ is based on the Worldwide Jellyweek experience and the Sealand Multiversity concept. It is an open, cocreative element, that can be embedded into local activities of any kind, everywhere in any dimension.CO-CKTAIL-header

Welcome mixologists and alcademics! This open recipe and event by Vinay Sansi and Joy Lohmann was designed especially for our glocal CO-CKTAIL experience. It provides expert guidance but leaves freedom to invent unique co-cktails with thrilling local flavors. Co-cktail recipe To join the happening, just start your own Co-cktail event and join live at one of the provided online events on Skype, Google hangout or other interfaces. Have fun, survive and don´t forget to share your proven recipe with pics/movs of your CO-CKTAIL event on this page. Thank you + Cheers For more information, please proceed to the eventpage.


Wanted: magic mermaids & positive pirates

Joy´s floating island „asap-island“ in India is an artistic social sculpture as well as a maker space for humanity. Knowing, how good it feels to cocreate a „little better world“  with friends and partners, the „asap-island“ team wants to enlarge its audience, community and impact.

Therefore, the ambitious project looks for mermaids and pirates as ambassadors for the growing habitat. See Carlotta on a floating island at a crazybo at race in Germany: