First Open-Island in Thailand

„Social Sculpture“ meets „Makers for Humanity“ at Joy´s new Open-Island in Chiang-Mai, Thailand.


After having developed and tested our DIY-upcycling-island construction kit in different environments and implementations, it´s now time to spread the word and disseminate the knowledge of building floating islands out of scrap. Joy Lohmann remembered an Interview at the entrepreneurship lab, Berlin, he had given to Prof. Günter Faltin years ago, where the founder of the German entrepreneurship-summit had asked him to build an Open-Island on a private lake in Thailand. „No, I won´t build you one. But I can teach Thai people, how to do it, when I´m around.“, he answered…

Open-Island_Thailand+In preparation for his this years Thailand journey, Joy contacted the prolific economist who instantly agreed on a joint workshop in Chiang Mai, providing a suitable water body, local participants and a small material budget. Joy on the other side published the challenge in the growing „Makers for Humanity“-community and -together with the artlab4-collective – coordinated a 4-day Open-Island workshop with dedicated international participants…

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