Insula Communis part 1


Let´s prototype a floating autarkic habitat. Let´s build an „Insula Communis“, an Open-Island! On a flooded opencast brown coal mine in the remote center of Germany. Together with 50 interdisciplinary Makers, together with refugees and other village neighbors… It´s summer 2016, at Ferropolis, an open-air industrial museum and festival ground. It is a Social Sculpture and experiential space, a makers paradise and … what a trip. What an experience and joy! What an adventure – mostly, when the festival-folks from splash! and MELT! flooded the stages…

Of course we were prepared. Had brought a container of stuff and some parts from our last years „Open-Island Berlin„. We had a rough plan what to build, the organic farm „Brückmühle“ as our headquarter and the international art-space „Ampelhaus“ as our showroom. Lots of ideas anyway but limited time…

In fact, we had only 4 days until the media event and opening ceremony of whatever we would…

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