Insula Communis part II


The day after… …the splash Festival in Ferropolis/Central Germany, 2016.

We collected all the useful trash from only a little part of the campgrounds and were well equipped for the next stage of the floating island. It was about transforming the collected tents and stuff into a floating, illuminated campsite around the Insula-Communis.

We also needed some floating gardens on our island. In Mai, we already had started an Urban Garden project with the neighbouring refugees, so we only had to replace the plants onto some garden-floats…

Every Maker-Camp is lots of work with crazy and interesting people having so much fun in creating stuff together. Deep learnings and relations, intensive situations included and lots of joy, fun and love…

Another goal was the prototyping and test of a hexagonal float, made out of concrete. Many island-builder finally focus on the hexagon as the basic geometric construction unit for larger and diverse shapes. It…

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