Impact Kiosk Varanasi

Social Sculpture goes Social Entrepreneurship – the floating islands of Joy and the „makers4humanity“ enter their next stage for glocal change through the „Impact Kiosk“ project in Varanasi, 15.-25.1.2017


After realizing Open-Islands in India, Thailand and Germany, the emerging „makers4humanity“ collective now focuses on the next step to raise the impact of their projects. With the upcoming „Impact-Kiosk“ project in Varanasi, they combine the creative prototyping process of a multifunctional vessel in Varanasi with the collective wisdom and broad open knowledge of a glocal community of likeminded makers to conceptualize a transferable entrepreneurship that creates sustainable jobs for livelihood and supports bottom-up developments for the common good at the same time.

The „Impact-Kiosk“ as a
Social-Sculpture and Entrepreneurship-Accelerator.


global-goalsIn September 2015 the United Nations proclaimed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and stated that „everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.“ (Quote from UN-website)

The makers4humanity (m4h) collective unites makers from all over the planet to assemble and spread their appropriate ideas and open knowledge for positive impact within the 17 SDG‘s…

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