asap-island 3.0 workshops open now

Sealand Multiversity proudly presents the upcoming workshop series, Jan/Feb 2014 in lovely Goa/India.

asap-island 3.0

We´ll expand asap-island through thematic workshops on:
> EPIC- and other floats for asap-island (11.-26.1.2014, Dave/Texas, USA)
> BAMBOO flexidomes (18.1.-2.2.2014, Nirmal/Assam, India + Vinesh/Mumbai, India)
> Asap-island design (25.1.-16.2., Joy/Hanover, Germany)
> DIY- island-Apps (1.-16.2., Deepak/Mumbai, India)

asap-island3.0 workshopsParticipation fee (materials, tent, food): 20 €/day on location or 100 €/week via Indiegogo crowdfund campaign (some sponsorships available on request); workshop location: South Goa (at Checkers/river Sal, then at BambooHouse/riverbank and seashore)


Decentral parallel projects are mostly welcome, we´ll also launch a „Glocal Online-DIY+CC-workshop“ on island design in January…

Download your invitation (including asap-island background & philosophy)
and if interested, the detailed asap-island 3.0 workshop program 2014.



Asap-island mermaid and the positive pirates

New pirates and a mermaid-ambassadress for our asap-island!

At the „Crazy Crossing“ boat-race, the german asap-island team participated with one of Joy´s floating islands, shaped like a heart. Some new pirates aboard powered the green heart with a mermaid on top. The most beautiful singer and new project ambassadress Carlotta Truman (14) waved her hand and tail majestically and got our island onto the frontpages of regional media as well as into the hearts of the audience.

asap-MERMAID What a fun 😉

See the whole photogallery of the „Crazy Crossing“
See some backstage coverage from Joy and friends

And hear this mearmaid sing!!!

„Hi, this is my story for Mother Earth. I really do pray that every Nation of this world will make the change : Go Green- it´s time to nurse Mother Earth !!! …“, Carlotta

FLOAT interview with Joy at MakeChange TV

Julie Tran at MakeChangeTV, presenting the timezones for Sealand Multiversity kickoff-online/offshore event

Julie Tran at MakeChangeTV, presenting the timezones for Sealand Multiversity kickoff-online/offshore event

In December 2012, on the way to the Social Capital World Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden, we stopped by at Julie Trans MakeChange TV studio in Copenhagen/Denmark to shoot some material for the kickoff-trailer of the Sealand Multiversity. Lovely Julie jumped at the chance to interview Joy about both, the floating trash islands and the brand new makersphere on an occupied sea fortress and autonomous micronation, the Sealand Multiversity.

SALY – recycling raft on river SAL, 2013

The 2013 recicling raft Saly travels with the tidal current up and down river Sal in Goa, India

The 2013 recycling raft Saly travels with the tidal current up and down river Sal in Goa, India

This years workshop was called BAMBOO, as we extended our upcycling construction materials and techniques using renewable local raw materials like bamboo and munda wood.

Check this short documentation (you can even apply for the „artist-in-residence“ program (also for scientists, journalists, environmentalists)

or watch the full story of the recycling raft SALY on river SAL, Goa, India:

full documentation 24 min.

Sealand Multiversity: Glocal Cooking @ JellyWeek 2013

Sealand Multiversity Online-Campus: „Glocal Cooking“ @ #JellyWeek, 14.-20.1.2013

This beautiful glocal event is a collaborative, virtual and yummy experiment. Glocal Cooking emerged within the Jellyweek-network and will become, what we collaboratively make out of it. All participating cooks and groups share their meal recipe and some pics within our facebook-group. Eventually, there will be live-streams, hangouts or Skype-conferences too within the event period, 14.-20.1.2013. And maybe an e-cookbook on demand? We´ll see – this is a test on selforganizing and -regulating groups and we are happy to collaborate with JellyWeek 2013 and their participanting groups.


Feel free to join, cook & share, or even organize a Jelly by yourself. It´s easy, free, fun and a joyful experience for sure.

Check this out:

Sealand Multiversity kickoff – Crowdfunding now!

Hello everybody.
We´re just coming back from Sealand with tons of film material, adventurous experiences and a good start of our OffshoreCampus at the occupied sea fortress. To produce a stunning trailer for our kickoff campaign this autumn, we started a crowdfunding case on Indiegogo, running till 6th of october. If we reach the goal of 6000 €, the amount will be doubled by google Germany within an entrepreneurship competition. So please have a look at it and if you like it and want to support, like and share it and maybe you also want to invest something inte the Sealand Multiversity? Check it out!

Sealand Multiversity platform