Design Thinking meets Social Sculpture

Ende April 2014 (26./27.4.) findet in den Bürgergärten Pagalino und Kügäli in Hannover Linden/Limmer der folgende kostenfreie Workshop  statt, zu dem wir hiermit herzlich einladen:

Entwicklung und Bau einer begehbaren Skulptur als multifunktionaler Raum für Bürgergärten. 

Im November 2013  fiel der Bauwagen des Bürgergartens Pagalino in Hannover-Linden einer Brandstiftung zum Opfer. Dank der großen Solidaritätswelle können wir nun im April zu einen OFFENEN WORKSHOP einladen, um gemeinsam eine „begehbare Skulptur“ zu entwickeln, die einen klassischen Bauwagen ersetzt und weit übertrifft. Bis Sommer 2014 wird das Objekt realisiert, die Baupläne werden zum Nachmachen veröffentlicht.

Drei übertragbare Aspekte  finden wir besonders interessant:
• Gibt es Strategien gegen Vandalismus im ö entlichen Raum?
• Sind Bürgergärten eigentlich „Soziale Skulpturen“ (nach J. Beuys)?
• Wie geht „Design Thinking“ als Methode partizipativer Planung?

Diesen Fragen gehen wir am 26./27.4. in der TransitionTownHall in Limmer (kügäli) unter professioneller Anleitung praxisorientiert und kreativ nach.

• Sa, 26.4. ab 11 Uhr, Treffpunkt Pagalino (hinter Freizeitheim Linden):
Begrüßung, Ortsbegehung, Walk&Talk nach Limmer
13 Uhr, TransitionTownHall Limmer, Wunstorfer Str. 130: Mittagessen, Impulsvorträge, Design Thinking Kreativteil
19 Uhr: kochen/essen, anschließend Feuertonne
• So, 27.4. ab 10 Uhr, TransitionTownHall Limmer: Warm-up, Prototyping + Testing
13 Uhr: kochen/essen
ab 14 Uhr: Vertiefung und Konkretisierung
17 Uhr: Präsentation, Feedback
Ende der Veranstaltung gegen 19 Uhr.

Moderation: Johannes Comeau Milke, Berlin
Referenten: Henry Farkas, Joy Lohmann
Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos und kooperativ (z. B. Mitbringbuffet)
Bitte frühzeitig formlos anmelden unter (max. 35 Teilnehmer, Restplätze verfügbar). Der vorbereitende Workshopreader wird allen Teilnehmer/innen im Vorfeld zugemailt.

Wir freuen uns auf interdisziplinäre, generationsübergreifende Beteiligung.

(Download-Infos: )

Joy´s CO-CKTAIL event, a glocal social sculpture. Cheers!

This glocal event is about (re)inventing cocktails with regional ingredients, sharing recipes, experiences, fun and surviving it 🙂 Simultaneously we will mix, chat and party worldwide on Saturday, 18.1.2014. „Co-cktails“ is based on the Worldwide Jellyweek experience and the Sealand Multiversity concept. It is an open, cocreative element, that can be embedded into local activities of any kind, everywhere in any dimension.CO-CKTAIL-header

Welcome mixologists and alcademics! This open recipe and event by Vinay Sansi and Joy Lohmann was designed especially for our glocal CO-CKTAIL experience. It provides expert guidance but leaves freedom to invent unique co-cktails with thrilling local flavors. Co-cktail recipe To join the happening, just start your own Co-cktail event and join live at one of the provided online events on Skype, Google hangout or other interfaces. Have fun, survive and don´t forget to share your proven recipe with pics/movs of your CO-CKTAIL event on this page. Thank you + Cheers For more information, please proceed to the eventpage.

Get a subtropical open-island for 1,35 US $ (1,- €)

Do you want to co-own (share) a suptropical island? OPEN-ISLAND is an open-source project and collaborative adventure. NOW, we also make it a shareable PARADISE and invite you to benefit.

Joy presents certificate

Street artist Joy has created this limited edition of mixed media fine-art prints as open-island certificates.

You can get this island-share certificate easily by crowdfunding the construction materials via our current campaign: This certificate authenticates you as an official supporter of OPEN-ISLAND and you shall always be welcome aboard in Goa/India.

For a donation of 100,- € (135 US-$), you get an original, limited and signed certificate, handprinted by German StreetArtist Joy Lohmann.
For a contribution of 10,- € (13,5 US-$), you get this certificate as a signed postcard, sent with best wishes from India.
Any crowdfund-support will be rewarded with a digital certificate and further informations about asap-island and how to join online or on (any) location. (This can also be a brilliant Xmas gift…)

OPEN-ISLAND certificate

Limited mixed media print (40×28 cm, stencil & silkscreen) on upcycled skysail-cloth, 2013

„Living Rooms“, social capital sculptures

Based on the experiences of the 2013 „KdW city festival for glocal change“ and former projects, Joy developed the „Living Rooms“ concept, a Social Capital Sculpture which visualizes, stage-manages, networks and promotes the Social Capital of selected urban environments.

Starting with nothing more than the „Living Rooms“ concept and the hidden social capital potential on location, Joy develops collaborative neighbourhood networks  within 100 days per location, cumulating in a 10-day integrative festival.

Joy Lohmann KdW-Fest Schlafzimmer KdW-Fest Kroepcke KdW-Fest Ballhof
The multilayer concept includes:
– the „rolling Kiosk of happiness“, a mobile bureau to connect the local actors for a sharing/caring community.
– the „“, a thematic crowdmapping platform to establish visibility for the existing components of a happy, sustainable society and to enable ongoing network communication.
– the „conference of happiness“, a thematic bar camp.
– a collaboratively furnished open home in public space as the stage and center of the process.
– the „Living Rooms“ festival with a site-specific program of crosscultural and partly spontaneous shows, workshops, activities and discussions, leading to experiences of a new understanding and view of community as a social organism.
– a documentation and DIY-manual to spread the concept and promote a sustainable lifestyle of solidarity, creativity and happiness.

Living Rooms is planned to start 2014.

FLOAT interview with Joy at MakeChange TV

Julie Tran at MakeChangeTV, presenting the timezones for Sealand Multiversity kickoff-online/offshore event

Julie Tran at MakeChangeTV, presenting the timezones for Sealand Multiversity kickoff-online/offshore event

In December 2012, on the way to the Social Capital World Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden, we stopped by at Julie Trans MakeChange TV studio in Copenhagen/Denmark to shoot some material for the kickoff-trailer of the Sealand Multiversity. Lovely Julie jumped at the chance to interview Joy about both, the floating trash islands and the brand new makersphere on an occupied sea fortress and autonomous micronation, the Sealand Multiversity.

KdW-Schützenausmarsch 2012

The first public appearance of the 2011 established regional KdW-network „Kultur-des-Wandels“ (Culture of Change) was the participation in worlds biggest markmen´s festival in June 2012. The group organized a guerilla-gardening happening within the traditional parade of regional shooting clubs and transformed the tradition into a joyful public experience.

i-land Goa launched

Within the 6 day construction camp, together with Art Escape Goa and about 40 participants, a 3 x 6m recycling raft was built in Goa/India.i-land Goa team

first part of "i-land Goa"
first part of „i-land Goa“

It is the start for a growing artificial island on the arabian sea.

Have a look at the full documentation, check the background of the asap-island adventure or join the facebook group and be a part of the movement.

StadtBall – the downtown football experience

Two years before the football world championship 2006 in Germany, Joy cooperated with the FIFA and the town of Hanover to realize an open soccer game in public space, downtown.

400 sponsored yellow softballs were played and dribbled in the pedestrian zone, following a sportive parcours from 10 regional football clubs.


The interactive happening fascinated not only the lord-mayor and the media but also thousands of participants, who transformed the city into a huge playground.

EU-jigsaw carpet 2004

For the expansion of the European Union in 2004, Joy developed the „Europateppich“, a 10 x 10 meter jigsaw puzzle of the european map. This interactive Integrated Art project travelled through Germany, visualizing the merging of Europe through collaborative and playful action. Youthgroups in Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover and Zittau assembled the jigsaw carpet at celebration events and the german media choosed this playful image for many newspaper front covers.

Europateppich Berlin

Europateppich Berlin

Europateppich Hannover

Europateppich Hannover

Europateppich Hamburg

Europateppich Hamburg

Europateppich Zittau

Europateppich Zittau

youth competition

youth competition

czech soldiers in Germany

czech soldiers in Germany

Bridging Poland, Czech republic, Germany

Bridging Poland, Czech republic, Germany

Tour21 – treasure hunt for sustainability

In summer 2002, Joy and a rotating crew went on a treasure hunt on waterways for a „positive future“. The Tour21 was dedicated to the Agenda21 declaration from Rio1992 and was set to evaluate on its voyage, what had been achieved so far towards a sustainable society. Under the patronage of the german environment minister Jürgen Trittin, the Tour21 led from Hanover to the capital Berlin, collecting messages in the bottle on the way and treasure-mapping positive content of the towns and regions on the way.

Only 10 days before setting sail, the 70m2 recycling-raft was burnt down in the harbour, to stop the Tour21. This assault never was clarified by the water police (only we know, who did or paid for it…) and Joy was even suspected of having destroyed it by himself.
Finally, this disaster turned out to become the initial kick-off for the project, as many people and groups came for immediate help to make this dream true and let the Tour21 begin.

With the vessel „Vekoma 9“ as flagship, the trip started on time and fulfilled its mission in 15 harbours. After the 6 week reasure-hunt, Joy handed over thousands of „messages in a bottle“ to the environmental minister to carry them to the Rio+10 conference in Johannesburg.
More information on the Tour21:
> link