Graffiti practise book for art and decoration

After working with all known Graffiti techniques and even discovering some new areas of application, Joy published a practise book for Graffiti as an art-form, design and decoration in 2005 with the „Knaur Ratgeber Verlag“. As the only german practise book on graffiti, it quickly became a definitive book and Joy started to teach Graffiti in neighbourhoods, creativity seminars, at schools and adult education centers.

Joy´s Graffiti practise book, 2005

Joy´s Graffiti practise book, 2005

This stage in Joy´s Graffiti activities led to new techniques and cross-cultural combinations, enriching the spectrum of his artistic vocabulary for 2-dimensional artwork as well as for design applications and street-art happenings.


„Integrated Art Holding“ stock company as a total work of art.

The „Integrated ART Holding AG“, registered in the seaside spa Kühlungsborn on the shore of the Baltic Sea in 1997, was the first stock company as a ‚Gesamtkunstwerk‘ (total work of art) ever. Joy, cofounding member alongside with R.S.Tomek and at times director of the board, designed the shares with values between 100,- and 1000,- DM. Shareholder meetings were organised as very unique inclusive performances, all regulatory publications and activities were stage-managed as artistic artworks or happenings.

Integrated Art share by Joy Integrated Art share by JoyIntegrated Art share by Joy Integrated Art share by Joy Integrated Art share by JoyIntegrated Art share by Joy


The idea of merging the art and financial market was to enable synergies of both paradigms and thus to create an art-stock-company with multiple surplus for investors as well as for the supported entrepreneurships.
InArt catalogue
„spirits of joy“, exhibition at Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn, 14.7.-22.8.1999; catalogue

„a way of(f) photography“ in India

catalogue "a way of(f) photography"The wandering exhibition „a way of(f) photography“ showed three different series of Joy´s experimental and extended photography. Joy studied under the famous documentary photographer Heinrich Riebesehl, worked on documentaries for a long period of time and finally exhibited large format b/w prints at the BAUHAUS/Dessau. Now, this exhibition shows works only, that go beyond the scope of classic photography. Cibachromes of scratched slides as in „Scheinsucher“ (seekers of glory), fragmented and hand painted 4×5 inch negatives from the series of „Extended portraits“ and the multi-layer negative collages of „the archaeographiccycle“ on greek mythology. catalogue "a way of(f) photography"catalogue "a way of(f) photography" The exhibition was presented at the „Centre for Photography as an Art-form“ in Mumbai, the „MMB Photo Gallery“, New Delhi and „Max Mueller Bhavan“, Bengaluru in march, april and may 1996. An exhibition catalogue was published with support of the agency pool.communication and the Goethe-Institut.

„the archaeographic cycle“, negative-collages

archaeographic cycle archaeographic cycle
For the poetry book on greek mythology „Firniswasser – und Zeiten zu Schwärze geschliffen“ of Peter Grabowski, Joy developed a technique which reminds of an archaeological excavation. The negatives of the archaeographic cycle are arranged in several layers: prepared fragments of negatives, foil-copies of antique elements, scratching structures and ink drawings.
The positive print brings the different layers up to the surface like epoches of archaeological stratums and gives isolated informations to those who know how to read them.

The viewer is now left to himself to dissolve the component parts out of the whole composition to read them isolated and/or in context with the whole like an archaeologist reads the field.

„Firniswasser – und Zeiten zu Schwärze geschliffen“, 114 pages, 16 illustrations, LEO-Verlag, 1993