Weißekreuzplatz Hannover

„Kultur des Wandels“ – Wie weit ist es noch bis zur kritischen Masse?

Das hannoversche Netzwerk Kultur-des-Wandels (KdW) ging vor Jahren aus einem Visionskongress der Transition Town Bewegung hervor. Im Sommer findet nun bereits das 2. KdW-Fest in der City von Hannover statt, zu dem alle regionalen Nachhaltigkeits-Akteure und Kulturschaffenden herzlich eingeladen sind, die Zukunft, die wir uns wünschen einfach einmal gemeinsam auszuprobieren.

Viele Menschen und Gruppen aus den verschiedensten Bereichen arbeiten an Teillösungen für eine gerechte und nachhaltige, eine gesunde und kooperative, ja eine angstfreie und sogar lebenslustige Stadtgemeinschaft. Für sie und mit ihnen entsteht mit dem KdW-Fest am 28./29.6. auf dem Weißekreuzplatz Hannover die kollektive „Soziale Skulptur“ einer zukunftsfähigen Stadtgemeinschaft. Ein Experimentierfeld für innovative Konzepte, eine Überblicksschau der bestehenden Angebote und vielleicht ein Inkubator für neue, interdisziplinäre Projekte.

Weißekreuzplatz HannoverKdW-Themenräume

Mehr Infos: http://www.kulturdeswandels.de oder in diesem KdW-Info.pdf (2,1 MB); Anmeldeformular hier.

Als gestalterisches Veranstaltungskonzept realisiert Joy Lohmann (in einer offenen Werkstatt auf dem Küchengartenplatz) die „Living Rooms“-ZimmerSkulpturen (wie etwa Küche, Büro, Wohn-, Schlaf- und Spielzimmer), die im Sommer als begehbare Themenräume des KdW-Festes inhaltlich bespielt werden.

Fotogalerien des KdW-Fest 2013
> auf dem Kröpcke
> auf dem Ballhof

„Living Rooms“, social capital sculptures

Based on the experiences of the 2013 „KdW city festival for glocal change“ and former projects, Joy developed the „Living Rooms“ concept, a Social Capital Sculpture which visualizes, stage-manages, networks and promotes the Social Capital of selected urban environments.

Starting with nothing more than the „Living Rooms“ concept and the hidden social capital potential on location, Joy develops collaborative neighbourhood networks  within 100 days per location, cumulating in a 10-day integrative festival.

Joy Lohmann KdW-Fest Schlafzimmer KdW-Fest Kroepcke KdW-Fest Ballhof
The multilayer concept includes:
– the „rolling Kiosk of happiness“, a mobile bureau to connect the local actors for a sharing/caring community.
– the „https://united.crowdmap.com“, a thematic crowdmapping platform to establish visibility for the existing components of a happy, sustainable society and to enable ongoing network communication.
– the „conference of happiness“, a thematic bar camp.
– a collaboratively furnished open home in public space as the stage and center of the process.
– the „Living Rooms“ festival with a site-specific program of crosscultural and partly spontaneous shows, workshops, activities and discussions, leading to experiences of a new understanding and view of community as a social organism.
– a documentation and DIY-manual to spread the concept and promote a sustainable lifestyle of solidarity, creativity and happiness.

Living Rooms is planned to start 2014.

i-lands! 1.glocal DIY+cc workshop

Let´s build an i-land together – now we´ll take it serious. No matter, where you live, you can easily attend this workshop at your hometown. With this manual and our 15years of experience in building floating constructions, you can build a floating garden out of trash with your friends within 48 hours.

i-land manualDownload this pdf, which contains a written description, list of parts and sample pictures of our recent i-land test. Then get the materials, a couple of friends and build your local i-land on the weekend from 15th to 17th of june, as all participants will build synchronically and will be connected online to help and inspire each other, to compare the results or to chat only.

This is the very first DIY+cc workshop of the „SEALAND Multiversity“ and we´re very curious, what happens. Participating teams so far: Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Seattle, Goa/India, Hanover/Germany and a small town in Uganda at the banks of Nile river. And yours, if you want. (Smaller i-lands like a „snack-garden“ or another design will also be accepted.)

snack-garden i-land Berlin i-lands-web

By september, a jury will select two winners, that get a real noble title as baron/baroness or lord/lady from the Principalty of SEALAND.

WeAreKhaled – Stencil for Egyt spring

The death of the egyptian student Khaled Saeed was the initial moment for a virtual solidarity movement, unique in history. The „we are khaled saeed“ movement went viral and connected millions of people via facebook and twitter. Together with the Berlin based online-mag Youth-Leader, Joy supported the case with „we are khaled saeed“ stencil-downloads, to help it into real-life on the streets.


WeAreKhaled-art WeAreKhaled-easy

„WTT-BCN“, world-trade-towels in Barcelona, 2007

The second „World-Trade-Towels“ StreetArt action happened in Barcelona/Spain in January 2007. The same concept as WTT-NYC in New York the month before, but completely different reactions (much less mistrustful and a lot more curious and open-minded) and locations…



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„WTT-NYC“, world trade towels in New York 2006

After having tested anonymous interaction processes with the streetart project „prague puzzles„, Joy developed the StreetArt project „WTT – world trade towels“ for New York City in december 2006.

Joy on Brooklyn Bridge

Joy on Brooklyn Bridge

Joy had stencilled kitchen towels with the logos of the global economic players of today. Positioned at various symbolic places and landmarks all over Manhatten, Brooklyn and Bronx, the towels waited for finders, who would find and keep them for free. The project domain www.world-trade-towels.com was sprayed on each towel, giving the finders the ironic context and enabling them to connect with the artist.

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Joy repeated this highly interactive project in Barcelona 2007, in Zurich 2011 and Mumbai 2012.

„feeling pink“ Leipzig, interactive StreetArt happening

How to exhibit StreetArt?
At the citywide gallery-show in Leipzig, 9./10.9.2006, Joy organized a „reverse exhibition“ of 50 pink objects. These were positioned all over the city, an attached sticker asked the finders for help: to bring the item to the exhibition. Several objects returned to the gallery with their proud finders, who later got their participatory artwork as a present by the artist.

feeling pink feeling pink feeling pink feeling pinkfeeling pink feeling pinkfeeling pink feeling pink feeling pink

Prague Puzzles – StreetArt/FreeArt

On a trip through the Czech Republic in 2006, Joy realized the „Prague Puzzles“ StreetArt project. He distributed 20 monochrome sets of puzzle pieces and toy tanks around the landmarks of Prague, asking the finders to send in pictures of the miniature installations.
Joy in Prague   DCF 1.0

football „WM-Tattoos“, Germany 2006

For the football world championship in Germany, the WM2006, Joy visited all 12 hosting cities and presented his football stencils, the „WM-Tattoos“ on the local walls-of-fame.