About Joy

Joy Lohmann is a german installation-, Integrated Art and StreetArt artist. His aim is to promote socio-eco-cultural transformation through the arts. Joy creates experienceable scenarios and atmospheres, based on key cultural issues to change the perception of our society, to help explore and develop positive future scenarios.

Based on Joseph Beuys´ concept of „Social Sculptures“, Joy cofounded „Integrated Art“ as a genre and a stock company at the same time in 1996 to break down the borders between art and real life. His thematic installations and happenings in public space mostly include collaborative elements and societal interaction to inspire and enable collaborative action beyond the fields of art.
> Integrated Art / Social Scupture

Joy Lohmann
Apart from his meaningful art projects, Joy works across disciplines ranging from photography, performance and installation via illustrations and animations to graffiti and street art.
> StreetArt / Graffiti
> the other arts of Joy

He also runs a design company, writes books, teaches design and graffiti at the university and inner-city neighbourhoods and works as a curator and event manager.

Joy is highly involved in grassroots movements like Transition Town and the for-future movement. Within such societal processes he regards himself as „undercover artist“, inspiring and mediating embedded „Social Capital Sculptures“.

Joy´s biography and exhibition/publication list in english
Joy´s Biografie und Ausstellungs-/Publikationsliste in deutsch

Joy Lohmann lives in Hanover/Germany.
He works on local, virtual and global level.

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