Integrated Art

Joy´s slogan „Great Art makes you feel, think and act“ describes the artists intention to use art as a tool to shape the urban environment, to change the perception of nowadays societies and to inspire the evolution of individual lifestyles. Art is an imaginative open space for freedom of expression and self-awareness. Although all real art unfolds its beauty and impact within the observers imagination, integrated Art depends on audience participation, including the target group into the artistic process itself.

„Integrated Art“, cofounded by Joy in 1998 as a genre and worlds first art stock company „Integrated Art Holding AG“, stands for targeted interventions in public spaces. Triggered by current social/societal topics, it inspires and enables interaction with the people of all walks of life and builds new creative partnerships for societal transformation. Joseph Beuys called such happenings „Social Sculptures.“

After working within several non-governmental organisations and grassroots movements like „Transition Town“, the „for-future movement“ and others, Joy recognized the importance of a new value system and got involved into the global „Social Capital“ scene. He develops cultural tools and symbols for societal transformation, called „Social Capital Sculptures“.
His second ongoing interest and long-term vision is the cocreation of an autarkic and sustainable floating habitat, made out of waste. Starting with a 70 square meter recycling raft for the world fair EXPO2000, he continuously develops and builds floating installations and islands in different contexts. The „open-island“ project is a never-ending process of collaborative cocreation, eventually leading to an autonomous community on international waters.

Selected projects:
grünplus, 1995Integrated Art Holding, 1998future-raft, 2000 / Tour21, 2002 / Europateppich, 2004 / StadtBall 2004 / Bett im Kornfeld, 2007 / future-islands, 2009 / SpreeTour, 2011 / Sealand Multiversity, 2012 / Multinnova, 2013 / asap-island, 2012-14 / KdW: Kultur-des-Wandels, since 2012 / Open-Island Ahmedabad+Berlin, 2015 / Insula Communis, 2016 / Open-Island ChiangMai, 2016 / Impact Kiosk Varanasi, 2017 / Lakes of Change, Bengaluru 2018 / Kröpcke-Flashmob Hanover, 2019 / FlowGarden, 2019 / ZuKunst, floating future lab 2021

Für den neuen Dokumentarfilm “Träum weiter” von Valentin Thurn über 5 Träumer und ihre visionären Projekte wurde Open-Island über 3 Jahre in Deutschland und Indien filmisch begleitet. Nicht das Ergebnis steht dabei im Vordergrund, sondern die Motivation der Träumer, ihre ungewöhnlichen Vorhaben voranzutreiben.
Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf den Kinostart im Frühjahr 2021 und haben hier einen kleinen Vorgeschmack mit ausgewählten Open-Island Sequenzen:


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