Other Works

From the beginning on, Joy is a draftsman. As rough sketches on the road or large-scale stills, as studies of nature, people or objects – the drawing is the basis for Joy´s artwork. It is continuous exercising as well as a memo, it´s sketch, draft or the result for itself.


From the painting techniques, Joy prefers watercolors to capture impressions and ideas, landscapes, portraits or just atmospheres. Lately, many works are painted with mixed spray techniques.


Joy studied photography under the famous documentary photographer Heinrich Riebesehl (1938-2010) and Knut V. Giebel in Hanover. His b/w documentaries with all camera formats and color photos from his extended travels were exhibited at BAUHAUS/Dessau and international galleries, when he skipped classical photography and started to scratch his negatives. Adding new layers of graphic information to the photographic image manually, Joy developed a whole new picture language.


Via his extended photographies, Joy discovered installation and performance. His multimedial variety „aMok – slideshow for advanced viewers” combines slides and other projections with other fields of art as dance, musik, pantomime and play-acting for a tumultuous vaudeville stageshow.


Also for his thematical installations, he uses various techniques and materials, looking for the optimal artistic language for each choosen subject.


An excursion into LandArt lead Joy to the island Vilm in the baltic sea. In the impressive nature preservation area, he realized the „culture-philosophical walk“, a series of 20 landart installations together with his father, the object artist Fried Lohmann.


Joy doesn´t really distinguish between the applied and fine arts. As a versatile designer, he loves to explore new fields using his creativity and profound material experiences. For the leisure industry, he creates interior designs and interactive objects, T-shirt designs for fashion labels, illustrations and comics for authors and magazines, CD-covers for bands and upcycling products for NGOs and fairs, to list only some of his activities.



photography / extended photography / multimedia shows
installation / performance / LandArt
drawings / watercolors / paintings / illustrations
upcycling design / objects / sculptures
interior design / guerilla marketing /flashmobs


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